The UK is on its way out, but which countries could join the EU?

As the UK prepares for Brexit, there are five countries on the official candidate list for EU membership. Which are they?

In the latest chapter of Brexit, the BBC has reported that freedom of movement from and to the EU from the UK will end when the country leaves the EU.

On its way out:

The UK

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at an eventBritain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at an event

  • The United Kingdom joined the EEC in 1973 under Edward Heath and reaffirmed its membership in a 1975 referendum under Harold Wilson’s Labour government. Then in 2016, the country voted 52% - 48% to exit the EU once and for all.
  • GDP per capita: $39,899 (US dollars)

On their way in (official candidate countries):


  • Population 2.9 million
  • GDP per capita: $4,146

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

  • Population: 2.1 million
  • GDP per capita: $5,237


  • Population: 623,000
  • GDP per capita: $6,701


  • Population 7 million
  • GDP per capita: $5,348


  • Population: 79.5 million
  • GDP per capita:$10,787

Official potential candidate countries:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo

How close are new countries to joining?

According to the BBC, the EU Commission president said no new countries would join until at least 2019. Furthermore, any current EU country can veto a new member from joining.

The EU might be about to shrink when the UK leaves, but it could get a whole lot larger soon after that.

*All GDP per capita statistics are from the World Bank database and can be accessed here. All population stats are from the same database which can be accessed here.

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