7 significant spouses of political leaders

Donald Trump (middle) and wife Melania Trump (right) in attendance before the welterweight boxing fight

Seven spouses of politicians who were particularly significant.

1. Miriam Gonzalez Durantez

Durantez is the wife of former Liberal Democrat leader and ex-Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. She has a successful career as a lawyer, and currently works for the giant law-firm Dechert LLP.

2. Cherie Blair

Cherie Blair was a significant figure in British public life for over ten years when her husband, Tony Blair, served as prime minister of the United Kingdom. Cherie Blair is a lawyer, who goes by Cherie Booth QC, and is involved with many charities including women’s and children’s charities.

She is the longest-serving female spouse of a UK prime minister in recent times.

3. Mary Wilson

The wife of Harold Wilson is significant for several reasons.

The first is that she is still alive. According to the Independent, Wilson turned 100 in 2016, and is now 101. She has outlived her husband by over two decades, and is also known for her poetry, as reported by the same paper.

4. Melania Trump

Donald Trump (middle) and wife Melania Trump (right) in attendance before the welterweight boxing fightDonald Trump (middle) and wife Melania Trump (right) in attendance before the welterweight boxing fight

The current first lady of the United States makes the list for one significant reason. According to Time, she is only the second US first lady to have been born outside the United States. The other was Louisa Adams, making Melania the only first lady to have been born outside the US in living memory. 

5. Denis Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher’s husband gets a spot on this list for being the first – and until very recently, the only – man to have been a spouse of a UK prime minister. For years, he was alone on the list of prime ministers' husbands, but he is now joined by Theresa May’s husband, Philip.

Due to Margaret Thatcher’s lengthy term as prime minister, her husband is the longest-serving spouse of a UK prime minister in modern times.

This quiet political spouse passed away in 2003. At the time, the Guardian reported that then prime minister Tony Blair said:

"He was a successful businessman, a devoted family man, loyal friend and always entertaining company.

"It was these qualities that enabled him to provide such immensely strong support to Lady Thatcher throughout her long political career.”

6. Hillary Clinton – in her own political right

Hillary Clinton gets a spot on this list because of her own political successes – and failures – outside her role as First Lady, when Bill Clinton was US president. Hillary served as a New York Senator for eight years before going on to become Secretary of State and eventually the first female US presidential candidate for a major party.

7. Gauthier Destenay


But you have probably seen this famous photo of him standing beside the likes of Melania Trump and other female wives of political spouses, as reported by ‘People’. Destenay is the husband of Luxembourg’s prime minster, Xavier Bettel. Bettel is the first openly LGBT+ prime minister of his country, making Destenay significant for this reason, as well as the photo of him and the “first ladies”, which went viral.

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