Donald Trump’s terrible approval ratings continue

Six months into his presidency, FiveThirtyEight declared Donald Trump as “historically unpopular”. Has there been any improvement?

An ABC/Washington Post poll conducted 10th – 13th July gave Donald Trump a disproval rating of -58% and an approval rating of 36%, giving the president a net approval rating of -22%. Shortly after the poll’s release, statistics website FiveThirtyEight declared Donald Trump “historically unpopular” for a president at this stage in their presidency in a massive blow to the president.

FiveThirtyEight grades different polls based on their historical successes, as well as their methodologies. The ABC/Washington Post poll was particularly significant due to its A+ rating.

Since then (10th – 13th July), there has been one poll with an A+ rating. The Monmouth University poll (13th – 16th July) provided slightly better news for Donald Trump. A total of 52% of respondents said they disapproved of Trump compared to 39% who said they approved, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Real estate developer Donald Trump, gestures during a news conference with the PGAReal estate developer Donald Trump, gestures during a news conference with the PGA

All reported polls since the ABC/Washington Post poll have given Donald Trump significantly high disapproval ratings above 50%.

The three most recent polls gave the following results:

  • Gallup (18th – 20th July) Approve: 37%, Disapprove: 58% (B- )
  • Gallup (21st – 23rd July) Approve: 37%, Disapprove 58% (B- )
  • Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opiinion Research (20th – 24th July) Approve 42%, Disapprove 58% (C+)

In another recent blow for the president, his Press Secretary Sean Spicer quit after just six months in the position, according to the BBC.

The story of Donald Trump’s already battered presidency continues.

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