New poll: the Tories are divided

A new YouGov poll suggests that voters see the Conservative party as divided. What about Labour?

YouGov surveyed 1,668 GB adults between the 19th and 20th July.

In another blow to the Conservative Party, it suggests that voters see the Tories as more divided than Labour. A significant total of 74% of respondents said they thought the Tories were divided compared to just 8% saying they felt the party was united.

To make matters worse, the poll suggests 73% of Conservative voters think the party is divided, as do 82% Labour voters and 91% of Liberal Democrat voters. Compared to figures in May, this poll is just another striking example of how much the political grounds have shifted for the party. Two months ago, just 29% said they felt the Conservative party was divided, with the plurality, 43%, saying they were united.

In contrast, the poll makes for more positive reading for Labour. A total of 28% of respondents in the new poll, said they thought the party was united while 47% said they thought the party was divided. Unlike for the Conservatives, a majority of Labour's own voters (54%) said they felt Jeremy Corbyn's party was united.


The poll is bad news for the Conservatives, and comes just after a new Ipsos-MORI poll for the Evening Standard suggested that 59% of voters are dissatisfied with the prime minister's performance. As for Labour, the new YouGov poll is not perfect, but compared to the numbers for the Conservatives it is clear that when it comes to divisions, it is the Conservatives who are seen as more split.

If Theresa May and her party wish to fix their image, something radical must be done.

The full results of the poll can be accessed here.

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