The election did not strengthen Theresa May's hand, but this did

Theresa May

Theresa May’s hand has been strengthened – not by a whopping majority – but by backing from the 1922 Committee over potentially sacking ministers.

The BBC has reported that the formal club of backbench Tory MPs, known as the 1922 Committee, have signalled to the prime minister that they would support her if she wished to remove “disloyal” ministers from office.

House Of Commons

This one move has strengthened May’s position and ensures that she can carry on – at least for now – as prime minister and leader of her party with the ability to sack any ministers that are trying to undermine her authority or plotting to remove her.

Despite the Guardian reporting that some Conservative MPs are planning to remove the prime minister by the winter, May’s position is stronger than it has been since the election.

There was a feeling after the election and May's massive electoral miscalculation, she would need to leave, but almost two months on things have settled down and this announcement from the 1922 Committee keeps May in place.

For now.

It is still very difficult to imagine Theresa May leading her party into the next general election, but it looks likely that she may hang on until the Brexit negotiations are complete.

Only then might the real battle for the party begin.