Prince Cable: Lib Dem big beast set to be coronated party's new leader

Sir Vince Cable, who took back his Twickenham seat in the election, is likely to become the next Lib Dem leader when nominations close at 4pm, 20th July.

A Liberal Democrat leadership contest was announced when Tim Farron stepped down from the position following the recent general election. A timeline was put in place with Lib Dem MPs able to gather nominations to put their name forwards for the position by 4pm on the 20th of July.

Sir Vince Cable announced his candidacy on 20th June, via the Lib Dem Voice website.

He said that:

“The party has survived five difficult years of Coalition government and the disadvantage of the current unreformed voting system. We are now growing again and the political winds are moving in our favour. I believe I can, as leader, offer the energy, dedication and drive, as well as experience, to help – with you – to make our party a credible contender for power.”

For a moment, it looked there could have been a competitive race, but one by one candidates declared their intentions not to stand, according to the BBC. Jo Swinson, who like Cable also won her seat back in the recent election, was subsequently elected to the position of deputy leader.

It looks unlikely that an surprise last-minute candidate will step forward to challenge the former coalition minister for the party’s top job. The process requires the backing of at least 10% of Lib Dem MPs (in this case two), as well as 200 nominations from local party members from at least 20 different local parties.

So, it looks like there will be a coronation rather than a contest, a crowning rather than a summer of debate.

Step forward King Cable, and take your party’s crown.

The question now is will he provide a #StrongAndCable future for the party?

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