5 significant moments from PMQs

PMQs gives the Commons the opportunity to challenge and question the prime minister. Here are 5 significant moments of recent times.

 1. Thatcher’s “no, no, no”

In Margaret Thatcher’s final days in power, she said “no, no, no” to a proposal for further European integration, according to the BBC, in one of her last ever sessions of PMQs.


2. The future

Eleven years ago, David Cameron became leader of the Conservative party and leader of the parliament’s opposition group. In his first PMQs exchange, Cameron accused Tony Blair’s government, then in its ninth year, of being “stuck in the past”. As reported by the Telegraph, he moved from the past to the future, telling the then prime minister that “he was the future once.”

Taking things full circle, in his final PMQs against Jeremy Corbyn last summer, he ended his session by saying, “I was the future once”, according to the Guardian.

3. "Weak, weak, weak"

According to the BBC, at Tony Blair’s first PMQs as leader of the opposition he called Major and his government “weak, weak, weak”.

The line is remembered well today.

And two from recent times...

4. Theresa May's first PMQS

Prime Minister Theresa May's first session in the top job was particularly memorable. Making her debut, she attacked Corbyn, linking the leadership challenge he faced at the time to "unscupulous bosses", and "did a Thatcher" the dispatch box, according to the Guardian.

5. Post-election 2017

The first session after the recent election contained some notable moments. A newly empowered Jeremy Corbyn faced off against a weakened Theresa May. According to the Guardian, Corbyn did particularly well, and attacked the Conservative government over budget cuts, saying.

"When you cut local authority budgets by 40% you end up with fewer building control inspectors. We all pay a price in public safety."

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