67% think Rupert Murdoch has too much influence in British politics

A recent YouGov poll, conducted for 38 degrees, suggests that a clear majority of voters feel the media mogul has too much power over British politics.

Rupert Murdoch, whose companies owns media outlets across the world, has long been linked the British politics. His newspaper, the Sun supported the Conservatives before switching to New Labour under Tony Blair until 2009 when the paper endorsed the Conservatives.

Although the Sun has not always backed the winner. In 2007 the Scottish Sun opposed the SNP, but the party went on to win the most seats in the Scottish parliament and form a government. However, the paper eventually backed the party while supporting the Conservatives down south.

More recently, Mudoch has been in the news over his company's bid to take full control of Sky. The Guardian reported on Thursday that "Rupert Murdoch will not offer new Sky deal to culture secretary."

Of the move, campaign organisation 38 Degrees have written a letter to Karen Bradley, the culture secretary, calling for an investigation by the Competition Markets Authority into the bid. The petition so far has over 120,00 signatures.

A recent poll, conducted by YouGov for 38 degrees, reveals strong views on the subject of Rupert Murdoch and his media empire.

74% said they think that if Murdoch’s company, 21st Century Fox, took full control of Sky, Murdoch himself would have too much power over the country’s media. Just 7% said the opposite. The figures three months ago stood at 68%-9%.

Furthermore, 76% said the company should not be allowed to take over Sky. Labour and Lib Dem voters were most likely to oppose the takeover.

A further 76% said they would support an investigation by the Competition Markets Authority into the bid.

Finally, 67% said they felt Rupert Murdoch, with his media ownership, has too much power and influence over UK politics. 8% said he has about the right amount of influence while 7% said they did not think he had any. Interestingly, 1% said they felt Murdoch did not enough influence.

The full results of the YouGov/38 Degrees survey can be found here.

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