7 tweets showing Jeremy Corbyn’s confidence since the election

Since the election, momentum has been with the Labour party. Here are seven tweets that show Jeremy Corbyn's confidence since 8th June.

It's been a good month for the Labour leader.

1. Helping Theresa May form policies

Earlier this week, the prime minister invited the other parties to contribute to policy ideas, according to the Guardian. The Labour leader sent a copy of his party’s manifesto to Theresa May in response:

2. Targeting Ian Duncan Smith's seat

The election’s over, but Jeremy Corbyn’s out campaigning already.

3. And Amber Rudd's...

The Home Secretary has a majority of less than 350 votes. This is the sort of seat Labour needs to win if they are to form the next government.

4. Gearing up for another vote #noregrets

Judging from this tweet confident Corbyn is preparing for another vote. Could another election give him the keys to Number 10?

5. Strong words against the DUP deal

The leader of the opposition has said that the new government has “no majority, no mandate, no plan.”

6. “We will win”

Posted on 9th June, in this video Corbyn says the government has no real mandate and that “we can win, we will win.” After losing the election, but getting 40%, the Labour leader seems pretty confident here.

7. “This is a movement that will win the next election”

The Labour leader seems sure of a victory next time around.

Will Jeremy Corbyn win the next election? He certainly seems to think so.

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