Poll: even Merkel and Macron are more popular than May in Britain

A recent YouGov/Eurotrack survey indicates that amongst Brits the UK prime minister is less popular than France’s Macron and Germany’s Merkel.

The recent YouGov/Eurotrack poll was conducted in seven key European countries: Great Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

A variety of questions were asked on the economy, the EU and favourability of key world leaders, including Theresa May.

Respondents were asked to say whether they had a favourable or unfavourable opinion of a particular world leader.

In a significant change of circumstances from only a few months ago, 59% of British poll respondents said they had an unfavourable view of their prime minister. Just 32% said they had a favourable view of her. The two scores combined give May a net favourability rating of -27%.

In contrast, the poll suggests that British respondents think positively of France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron, and Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, who is up for re-election this September.

39% of British respondents said they viewed Macron favourably compared to the 22% who said they had an unfavourable view of the new leader. His favourability rating is therefore +17%.

A total of 42% of British respondents said they had a favourable view of Angela Merkel compared to 39% who said they had an unfavourable view of her. That gives a net favourability rating of +3%.

In bad news for Theresa May, the results suggest that the leaders of France and Germany are now more popular than her amongst Brits, although it is worth noting that for both Macron and Merkel a significant number of respondents gave a “don’t know” response.

However, in good news for the weakened prime minister, she has higher favourability ratings amongst her electorate than America’s Donald Trump (-64%) and Russia’s Vladimir Putin (-64%).

The poll shows just how far May has fallen since the election, but at least she can get on with the job knowing that her Norwegian favourability rating is only -9%.

The full results of the YouGov/Eurotrack poll can be found here. Data was gathered between the 23rd and 30th June 2017.