7 key losses of last month’s election

June’s election was full of surprises. Here are seven crucial losses in which key MPs were voted out and others made a comeback.

1. Sheffield Hallam – Nick Clegg’s loss

Perhaps the biggest loss for the Liberal Democrats took place in Sheffield. The former deputy prime minister and ex-leader of the Lib Dems narrowly avoided defeat in 2015, but succumbed to the voice of the electorate two years later when he lost his seat to Labour.

The man who ended his formal political career (for now) was Jared O Mara. Mara won with 38.4% of the vote, with Clegg coming in second on 34.6%, according to the BBC.

Clegg may have lost his seat, but this political giant will likely return in one form or another.

2. Gordon – Alex Salmond lost out to a Conservative

One of the biggest scalps of the night took place the rural constituency of Gordon. Alex Salmond comfortably won the seat in 2015, but lost out to Conservative candidate Colin Clark this time around.

Clark leapfrogged the second place Liberal Democrats to take the seat, showing the strength of the Tory resurgence north of the border. He also improved on the party’s performance last time around with a gain of 29 percentage points, as reported by the BBC.

3. Moray - Angus Robertson's defeat

The other major upset for the SNP was losing their Commons leader, Angus Robertson. In another Portillo moment, Robertson lost the seat to the Conservatives.

He may no longer be an MP, but one can’t imagine him staying out the political spotlight. A man to watch for the future perhaps?


4. Croydon Central – Tory minister lost out

Gavin Barwell, the Conservative minister for housing, lost his London seat to Labour, and was one of the many Conservative MPs caught up in the Labour surge on 8th June.

Barwell may have lost his seat, but the Guardian has since reported that he has been made chief of staff for Theresa May.

His Commons career is over, but his political one is still going strong for now.

5. Conservatives' loss in Twickenham & Cable's return to the Commons

Despite Nick Clegg losing his seat, the former coalition minister, Lib Dem Vince Cable won back his seat after the Conservatives took it from him in 2015.

The BBC reported that Cable won 52%, up almost 15 percentage points.

With Cable in with a significant shot of becoming the next Lib Dem leader, his win was a significant one.

6. Swinson returned as the SNP lost Dunbartonshire East

Another big win for the Liberal Democrats was the return of Jo Swinson who won back her Scottish seat with 40.6% of the vote, according to the BBC.

Swinson, who served as a minister in the coalition government, is now deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, having been elected unopposed.

7. UKIP’s last stand

If anything epitomised UKIP’s failure at the polls in 2017, it was this. Paul Nutall, who led the party into the election, came third in Boston and Skegness with just 7.7% of the vote, as reported by the BBC.

To make matters worse, he came behind both Labour and the Conservatives, the latter of which clearly gaining from the UKIP collapse as Tory Mark Warman received 63.6% of the vote (up 19.8 percentage points).

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