Labour on 43% as Corbyn’s ratings soar, says ICM poll

The latest ICM/Guardian poll puts Labour just ahead of the Conservatives, and gives the leader of the opposition a high and positive approval rating.

Labour were once a struggling opposition, but the election has given them reasons to dream big.

The most recent ICM Unlimited/Guardian poll, released on Tuesday puts Labour on 43% (+7) and the Conservatives on 41% (-3%). Differences are from the last ICM poll, which was before the election. This time around, the Liberal Democrats were on 7%, followed by UKIP and the Greens – each on 3%.

While the headline party voting intention figures tell a story of a neck-and-neck race, the poll's leadership approval ratings infer something different. Jeremy Corbyn’s approval rating is +9% in the poll (44% think he is doing a good job and 35% think he is doing a bad job). For Theresa May the figure is -26% (28% good job, 54% bad job). This is great news for Corbyn, who months ago had consistent negative ratings.

However, in good news for the Conservatives, in terms of trust on the economy, 39% in the poll said they trust May and her chancellor, whereas 32% said the same for Corbyn and McDonnell.


The poll cements Labour’s place as an electoral equal to the Conservatives, something many would say a few months ago was laughable. It also reinforces the new narrative that two-party politics has returned to Britain with Labour and the Conservatives dominating the top two positions.

The results of the ICM Unlimited/Guardian poll can be found here and here.