May gets Trump call, but she's no Maggie Thatcher

The Reagan's & The Thatcher's

So British Prime Minister Theresa May apparently got the call from new US President Donald Trump (or his people called her people), and Theresa's off to see The Donald in Washington, probably as early as this week.

But this is unlikely to be the beginning of a 'special relationship' between the two. Sure, The Donald looks to have a soft spot for Britain - his mother was Scottish, he has business interests here, he brought back that bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office, and he says that we'll be at the front of the queue when it comes to doing a trade deal. All sounds good - just the sort of pick-me-up we need as we face an uncertain future post Brexit.

But God helps us if Theresa May tries to overplay her hand. Our Theresa, who looks about as comfortable in her Prime Ministerial role as Nigel Farage would in a small room with Hillary and Bill Clinton, goes to Washington as a supplicant - to become part of Trump's game to demonstrate to the EU that he doesn't give two hoots about a load of (as he sees them) fat-cat politicians with their noses in the bureaucratic trough.

So, Theresa, go to Washington and know your place - play the role of deference expected of you. Bow, scrape and smile when The Donald makes that inappropriate remark or insinuation. And please keep off the sexism stuff. No, don't think that The Donald will stand by and be scolded by you over his attitude to women. Theresa, dear, you aren't Maggie Thatcher (and probably never will be). Maggie would have hit Trump hard with her handbag, and the billionaire President of the United States would have taken it in good grace (guys like Trump respect powerful women). But try to do a Thatcher, Theresa, and you'll likely come back from Washington with that Winston Churchill bust stuck somewhere where the sun don't shine - and no chance of a trade deal!



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