Worldwide announced Mid-Market M&A deals valued up to $500 million (including undisclosed value deals) totaled US$931.6 billion for 2016, a 1.2% decrease year-on-year.

Estimated global fees generated from completed Mid-Market M&A activity reached slightly over US$14.2 billion for 2016, according to estimates by Thomson Reuters and Freeman Consulting.

The Asia-Pacific (ex Central Asia) region (by target domicile) led the market, with US$414.1 billion of announced deal activity, representing 44.5% share of the market.

The European region (by target domicile) led the market in deal count, with 15,318 deals for 2016, representing 33.7% of the 45,486 deals announced worldwide.

The Real Estate sector comprised 17.6% of announced value, followed by Industrials and Financials, with 11.9% and 11.7% of the total market, respectively.

Source: Thomson Reuters