How to behave during and after your bonus advisory meeting

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7 golden rules.

1. Come into this meeting with your line manager with reasonable expectations

You know how your department / firm has done in 2017, and although your own performance may well have been outstanding, remember that it's not just about you.

2. Don't get emotional. 

There's no point in having a rant, or getting upset in any way - unless you have a genuine opportunity to get your number increased. And, for most staff, a bonus advisory meeting is just that - it's to tell you what you got, not a platform to negotiate a bigger pay-out.

3. Play it cool

You may well get an upside surprise (or the bonus you think you deserve). Be cool, and don't get too excited - your line manager should be given the impression that you have calmly accepted what you genuinely think is your due. 

4. Don't gloat

Don't come out of your meeting high-fiving it. It's not always smart to let your colleagues know that you have done well.

5. Don't torture yourself

It doesn't (or shouldn't) matter what everyone else has got in the bonus stakes. There will always be people who you think are not as good as you who bagged better bonuses. The more people you ask, the more likely you are to find this out. Focus on what you got.

6. Review how the meeting went

What message (if any) have you been given ? Is it time to work harder / smarter - or is it simply time to move on ?

7. Learn from the experience

Should you have been better prepared for the meeting ? Is there anything you could have done ahead of the meeting to ensure that your line manager had sufficient information to give you the bonus payout you thought you deserved ?


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