Seven times Negan should have already died in The Walking Dead

Lucille The Walking Dead

The Waking Dead has a new villain and he seems to be invincible.

The seventh season of The Walking Dead could easily be renamed The Negan Show, such has been the villain’s influence on proceedings thus far.

Fans were eagerly anticipating the comic book favourite’s introduction, but when it came it was soon apparent that his shtick works far better in print than it does on the screen.

The Walking Dead has had far scarier antagonists, and Negan’s apparent invincibility makes him less terrifying and more, well, silly.

Here we take a look at all the occasions thus far when Negan could and really should have met his maker.

The RV ride

As early as the first episode, Negan was alone with Rick as he took the broken hero on an impromptu – and downright baffling – road trip.

Teasing Rick with the prospect of a one-on-one scrap involving an axe in an enclosed space, Negan quickly pulled out a gun. However if Rick had acted quickly – as he did when he ripped out Joe’s jugular with his teeth to save Carl – the odds were on him besting the villain after just a few boring monologues.

The trip to Alexandria

Rick and his crew know how to protect a sanctuary, as they did when they overcame the Governor, so why on earth did they not have people waiting for Negan’s first pick-up.

They would have had the advantage and could have taken him out rather than simply opening the gate and waving him through.

At that point they also still had a rocket launcher – and a couple of rockets – so taking out the enemy would have been a doddle.

The armoury man-off

When Negan discovered the armoury he sent his men in to take the guns but hung back with Rick just to rub his nose in it some more.

With the two men alone – and with Rick holding Lucille – why the hell didn’t the former sheriff take a swing?

Carl’s first attempt

Carl had a gun pointed at Negan but Rick talked him out of pulling the trigger. Why? Because the writers say so!

Carl’s second attempt

So you plan a revenge mission, get all the way to Negan’s base, come face to face with the man himself, have a handily placed machine gun in your hands, and still bottle it when you are one trigger pull away from avenging your friends’ deaths.

This is the worst Negan escape to date and proves categorically that the writers are treating him as some sort of immortal stand-up comedian.

The wife room

Negan systematically rapes his ‘wives’, one of which just happens to be Dwight’s actual wife, and suddenly all the women are in one room along with Daryl, Carl and the boss’s right-hand man.

He is vastly outnumbered if they decide to make their move but no one does anything apart from share a few looks.

Alone in Alexandria

That brings us to now, with Negan wandering alone into Alexandria to play happy families with Carl and Judith, with not a henchman in sight.

Surely someone in a community that has survived zombie hordes and Wolf attacks would be willing to make their move.

Okay so there are no guns, but there are other weapons and if everyone bundled him even Negan couldn’t talk his way out of that one.

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