Busted: Night Driver review – hear Charlie Simpson roar

Busted Night Driver

Your enjoyment of former pop-punk trio Busted’s first album in 13 years depends on how you feel about returning hero Charlie Simpson’s voice.

Ditching the fizzing guitars for percolating, Kavinsky-esque synth pop (the spectre of Drive hangs over the music and the album’s artwork), it’s Simpson’s huge larynx that dominates; he’s a honking presence on the expansive New York, while the chorus to Without It is practically pulverised into submission.

Thankfully that throaty roar works much better on songs like moody opener Coming Home, and nothing can smother the undeniable 80s brilliance of the title track. Overall it’s a semi-successful sonic rebirth that, in the shape of On What You’re On, features the best Daft Punk single since One More Time.

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