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Thanksgiving Day is almost here and there's one place in Central London that offers turkey, and more!

Thursday is a big day for Americans, however, for those Americans who live in London, it’s just like any other day.

If you don’t know or remember, Thursday is Thanksgiving (not to be confused with Black Friday which is the day after). In America, businesses are closed so that families from east to west can get together (willingly or not) and celebrate the holiday, which is also commonly known as the ‘eating holiday.’ Turkey with all the stuffings, mash potatoes, and all the sides, and don’t forget the all important pumpkin pie, and if you wish, a dash of whipped cream on top, is the food that makes it one special holiday. But here in the UK, it’s just another working day. So Americans in London will probably be thinking about what they’re going to miss back home in the States - all that yummy food.

Well the traditional Thanksgiving meal doesn’t have to be missed. There’s one place in Central London that’s offering more than just a Thanksgiving meal, they are also going to air the requisite Thanksgiving television programs - three NFL football games. The place is The Hippodrome Casino right in Leicester Square. I’ve been to The Heliot Steakhouse (inside the Hippodrome - and which has a reputation as being one of the best steakhouses in London) quite a few times, and it’s their brunch menu that keeps me going back. The Jack Stack - pancake, waffle, french toast and maple syrup - is extremely delicious and highly recommended. Also something you don’t normally see on menus in London - Country Fried Steak - served with sausage gravy, eggs & fries. Or perhaps a Chilli Fried Egg & Bacon Brioche Roll, stuffed with spiced chutney and rocket. These delicious dishes, and more, are all a mere £7.

The Hippodrome Casino 02The Hippodrome Casino

But I’ve digressed. The Hippodrome is helping Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving by offering a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings - buffet style - for only £12.00. From 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. expect delicious American style food that you just can’t be bothered with to make at home (think about all that time cooking and especially cleaning up). And of course pumpkin pie is included! However, once you're done with your meal, it’s highly recommended to stay on at The Hippodrome Casino to watch the NFL football games where you can enjoy a bucket of 5 beers for only £10! What a deal! Whether you support the Minnesota Vikings or the Dallas Cowboys, or perhaps even The Washington Redskins or the Detroit Lions, these games will be shown, starting at 5:30 p.m. and continuing throughout the night, until the last pass is thrown. But additionally, between the first and second games, American comedian Scott Capurro will take center stage at The Hippodrome’s beautiful theatre.

Reservations are not accepted on Thanksgiving so it’s first come first served. So get there as early as you can so that you and your friends and family can enjoy all the food, the atmosphere, the football, and most importantly the pumpkin pie.


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