The East Midlands rivalry between Derby County and Nottingham Forest is not given the recognition or respect it deserves.

Derby County and Nottingham Forest are bitter rivals – that much is obvious. From the A52 road that runs between them to the history behind the fixture, there is alot to unpackage when it comes to this game. Unfortunately, it seems to have been shoved to the back of people’s minds when it comes to talking about some of the best and most important derbies in the country.

Every single time they face each other, much like the North London derby, you are guaranteed to have an entertaining clash. Year in and year out they tend to be two of the more exciting sides in the Championship, and because of that mixed in with the hatred between them there is always alot of quality on show in the games.

Brian Clough – Nottingham Forest manager with his assistant Peter Taylor

Now just look at the history. With Derby’s period of great success a few years ago followed up by Forest’s European Cup triumphs, there is plenty of silverware between these two teams. They are known as provincial clubs who rose up through the system to defy the odds, and that unique bond makes things all the more interesting.

Then there’s Brian Clough. The man who guided both of these sides to such great success gives a feeling of respect to this rivalry. Some fans like to argue about who deserves to be associated with him more, but it is a mostly friendly way in which to remember one of the greatest managers that ever took part in the game.

For the rest of time we should be including this game in the discussion for being one of the top rivalries.

Derby’s Jeff Hendrick in action with Nottingham Forest’s Gary Gardner

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