Vine-al countdown: fans share favourite Vines before app shuts down

Twitter’s announcement on Thursday that it would be discontinuing Vine prompted a public outpouring of grief in six-second, endlessly looped increments.

We shared some of the classics of the genre on Friday but social media users have continued to nominate their favourites over the weekend, serving only to remind us of how much we stand to lose when this weird and wonderful corner of the internet closes down.

So much greatness has resurfaced that our tribute continues with some of the best six-second videos. You can explore more on Vine’s trending page – and tell us your favourites in the comments.

According to the blog post from Twitter, the end of Vine will be “in the coming months”, though what will happen to the existing gems is as yet unclear.

Vale, Vine: we barely knew ye.

Powered by article was written by Elle Hunt, for on Sunday 30th October 2016 01.00 Europe/London

Making my way downtown

Vaping faceswap

Yass cat

Suicide fairy

The best water bottle challenge

Oh yeah!

What a feeling

Run Away With Meme

Tony Abbott eats an onion

Chris Christie curbs his enthusiasm


Rolling in the Duck Army

If Young Metro don’t trust you...

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