Just when we thought Michy Batshuayi’s Twitter couldn’t get any more entertaining, a foolish Arsenal fan tries an ill-advised taunt.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Michy Batshuayi is quickly becoming our favourite footballer. But it’s not his pole vaulter’s leap or his clever link-play that’s got us throwing ourselves upon the Batshwagon.

In a world where footballers tend to range from the dull to the anaemic, Chelsea’s Belgian battering ram provides a rare spark of humour in a game that has become far too serious recently. He is the fresh young thing, all attitude and air horns, in a sitcom where the characters have become stale and predictable. Jose Mourinho, we’re looking at you.

While his Chelsea career is yet to truly take off on the pitch despite a number of promising cameos and a dramatic winner against Watford, Batshuayi is already hurting towards ‘cult hero’ territory with no one, not opposition fans, EA Sports or even Nathaniel Chalobah’s barber, free from his Twitter-based teasing.

So when one apparently Arsenal-loving troll tried to dampen Michy’s hard earned day off with an utterly pointless reference to Chelsea’s recent 3-0 defeat at the Emirates, Michy was not going to take it lying down.


Destroying the inflated ego of a ‘rival fan’ in front of 361,000 enthralled followers: that’s one way to endear yourself to your new club’s fanbase.


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