Movie Review: Bachelor Games

Through The Legs Of The Stripper

This ain't no The Hangover as five men run for their lives from an evil spirit in the new VOD release 'Bachelor Games'

New VOD release ‘Bachelor Games’ is this year’s ‘The Hangover’ not set in Las Vegas but set in a mountainous desert.

It’s the story of five men who go on a stag weekend to the far flung reaches of Argentina (looking like Mexico) to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Henry (Jack Gordon). Of course things don’t go according to plan, only because the stag weekend is a setup by Henry to get back at his best mate Leon (Charlie Bewley) for sleeping with his fiancé. Along for the ride as well is military he-man Max (Obi Abili), medic Roy (Mike Noble), and tough guy and drug addict Terence (Jack Doolan).

When the men go hiking in the Andes mountains, it’s Leon who gets punked. Henry has one of the men dress up as a warrior Indian to pretend to attack the gang, and mostly to scare Leon as payback, but it all goes haywire when Leon stabs Terence in the leg during the scare, and their adventure goes from bad to worse. The local myth is that the same area has been the home to some sort of spirit who protects the mountain and is known to attack and kill intruders. And the men intruders when the spirit surfaces, so it’s no longer a revenge game, it’s a run for your life game. There’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide for these men.

‘Bachelor Games’ is an action adventure horror thriller that never once loses it’s suspense. From the onset of the film there is a feeling that something bad is going to happen to these men - it’s not going to turn into a booze and cruise and strippers sort of weekend. But suspend disbelief in the absurdity of the revenge plot and just focus on the men’s plight so survive - at any cost.

BACHELOR GAMES, arriving on digital platforms July 8, 2016 from Gravitas Ventures and Strike Films.