NBA Trade Talk: Lakers could deal #2 pick for Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler, says Bill Simmons

Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler

Bill Simmons speculates on a trade between LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls.

Chicago Bulls Jimmy ButlerChicago Bulls Jimmy Butler

Sports analyst Bill Simmons has speculated that the Los Angeles Lakers could trade the number two pick in the NBA Draft to the Chicago Bulls.

Simmons suggested via Twitter that the prospect of the Lakers swapping the two to sign Jimmy Butler is a possibility.

Calling it a 'fake trade', slang for a one that is purely speculative rather than based on any inside knowledge of goings-on, Simmons described the possibility as 'intriguing'.

Both teams failed to make the NBA play-offs this past season, and Chicago have the option of trading away their stars to rebuild, with Simmons arguing they should tank next season like the Philadelphia 76ers have in recent years.

Butler ahead of a half-fit Derrick Rose is their top asset, and landing the number two pick in this draft would be a fantastic piece of business in the long run.

The Lakers are looking to rebuild themselves but need ready made stars after Kobe Bryant's retirement and one of their worst ever seasons, and Butler could be that star, while a draft pick could take longer to adjust and struggle with the LA spotlight.

Chicago Bulls Jimmy ButlerChicago Bulls Jimmy Butler