In just minutes Ashley Banjo proved Britain's Got Talent final was not good enough

Simon Cowell

Britain's Got Talent's half-time entertainment blew the acts out of the water.

For the judges on Britain’s Got Talent – or any such show – the statement is wheeled out every year.

“This is the best final line-up ever,” they say, or something along those lines, and a few hours later – after 12 performances and countless ad breaks – they are almost invariably proved wrong.

That was certainly the case with the 10th anniversary of Britain’s Got Talent, which saw a final 12 consisting of the usual mixture of singers, dancers, magicians and acrobats…and the obligatory dog act.

There was quality there but there was also filler in abundance – acts that were perfectly good but certainly not deserving of £250,000 and a place at the Royal Variety Performance – and practically everyone was shown up by the old guard who returned to deliver a show-stealing few minutes choreographed brilliantly by Diversity mastermind Ashley Banjo.

The dance troupe are one of the very best acts in the show’s 10-year history and so they proved yet again on Saturday night, but practically all the returning performers showed up the current class.

It was a wonderful and emotional break from proceedings and yet it also proved the judges were wrong to declare this the best final ever, it was anything but.

How this show misses Diversity, Spellbound, Attraction, Collabro et al.

Britain still has plenty of talent, but there was not enough on display among the 12 acts who took to the stage this weekend, which is in part down to the judges’ initial picks and in part due to the public who overlooked some undeniable brilliance in the semi-finals.

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