Watch rare trailer for Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi after surprise release

Revenge Of The Jedi

The third film in the Star Wars franchise nearly went by another name.

There was an unexpected treat for Star Wars fans this week when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released a rare trailer for Revenge of the Jedi, as the instalment was briefly known back in 1982.

As we all know, Star Wars creator George Lucas ultimately opted to switch back to his original title – Return of the Jedi – which makes this rare footage all the more intriguing.

Shown during double features of the first two movies in the franchise, the trailer uses stills rather than live action shots to tease audiences about the adventures to come, and while it is over before it has really begun, it has a magic sorely lacking in many of today’s cinematic experiences.

Those who went to see the double feature back in the eighties will no doubt remember with fondness the excitement of waiting to find out what happens next, and while we will never see a return to those days, below is another piece of Star Wars magic.