After shock revelation regarding The Walking Dead this unlikely duo could survive to the end

Jesus Maggie And Rick The Walking Dead

Two other characters could ultimately replace Rick and Daryl as The Walking Dead's leaders.

This article contains potential spoilers for The Walking Dead.

During his recent appearance at Hawaii Comic Con, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman listed seven characters who would all meet their maker before the end of the show.

Surprisingly, among the more obvious names such as Abraham and Rosita, Kirkman also said Rick and Carl would be dead by the time the cameras finished rolling.

Now this could be a huge bluff, or it could be a suggestion that ultimately everyone will die and the hoped for happy ending will be anything but.

But could the characters Kirkman failed to mention – most notably Glenn and Maggie – survive to the end and play a significant role in rebuilding civilisation?

That remains to be seen, but having already ‘died’ once there is a feeling that Glenn is in it for the long haul, while his wife is being built up for a seemingly significant role as arguably the strongest character of them all.

Kirkman rarely says anything by accident and we are at a point in The Walking Dead where big things are likely to happen to important people sooner rather than later.

After all, while it is touted as a show where anyone can die at any moment, it has been a long time since a truly major character bit the proverbial bullet.

Yes, we know someone died at the end of season six. But until we know who that someone is, forgive us for not expecting it to be a cop-out disguised as a shock.

Glenn and Maggie are two of the most likeable characters in The Walking Dead, and while Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple jumped the shark with the former’s fake demise, his continuing presence on the show will surely lead to a more important long-term role.

A hard left turn would be to kill off Rick and Carl in time and see a different duo take the crown as the new world’s real saviours.