Kirkman replies when asked if Rick will die in The Walking Dead; speaks honestly about Carl

Rick Walking Dead 1

The creator of The Walking Dead has been taking questions from fans.

The Walking Dead has always been Rick’s story. That is what creator Robert Kirkman set out to do when he first conceived the comic book series – to show one man’s journey through a zombie apocalypse, no matter who joined him along the way.

So for that reason the prospect of Rick biting the proverbial bullet before the show has ended always seemed highly unlikely.

However the season six finale, while causing uproar among the vast majority of fans, did throw in the tantalising prospect of The Walking Dead’s main character suffering at the hands of uber-villain Negan.

While many fans will dismiss that out of hand, it is the kind of hard left turn Kirkman and show-runner Scott Gimple will have to make if they are to justify the many teasers regarding both the last episode and the upcoming season seven.

In a recent Reddit Q&A, The Walking Dead supremo was asked, somewhat succinctly, “Do Rick die?” to which Kirkman replied, “He do eventually.”

Before fans start hyperventilating at the prospect of Mr Grimes meeting his maker, Kirkman could well have been commenting on the simple fact that – to borrow a phrase from another show – all men must die.

But nothing Kirkman says is by accident when it comes to The Walking Dead and when he was later asked who his favourite character on the show was he replied with perhaps the most telling answer of all.

“I don’t play favourites,” he said. “They all die eventually…Carl.”

So could Grimes junior ultimately take over the mantle of his father once Rick dies? It is certainly possible given all that his son has seen and more importantly learned over the years.

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