Two characters alive in season seven: The Walking Dead has brought this silliness on themselves

Glenn Walking Dead 1

The Walking Dead is not back until October and yet rumours of potential spoilers persist.

This article contains spoilers for season six of The Walking Dead.

As recently reported by the Daily Mail among others, two of The Walking Dead cast played the hero in real life as they stopped to aid the victims of a traffic accident on their way to filming for season seven of the show.

While the initial hook was the fake heroes playing real heroes angle, it quickly and unsurprisingly took a different turn, with many news outlets suggesting a major spoiler had just been revealed.

As every fan of the show knows by now, season six ended with the most frustrating of cliff-hangers, with uber-villain Negan bringing his baseball bat crashing down on the head of an as yet unknown victim.

The decision to switch perspective just before the first strike was bold and baffling in equal measure, but with Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun – who play Daryl and Glenn respectively – caught on camera last week it is being claimed both characters will live to fight another day.

The problem is we can expect numerous news stories like this in the months ahead, every time this actor or that is seen somewhere close to The Walking Dead shoot; every time they are seen in what looks like their character’s clothing; every time the media is short of a story.

The problem with leaving us on the edge of the proverbial cliff for months on end is that every small moment thereafter will be analysed for meaning.

Time and again you can expect declarations that one character or another is alive, when all we know for certain is the person who plays them has had their faced snapped or – worse still – is rumoured to be wandering the set.

The Walking Dead producers will no doubt throw some curve balls at us prior to season seven’s October premiere. After all, the actors are all great friends by now so whoever has met their maker on screen could well return for a catch-up that doubles as an apparent spoiler in the interim.

The simple fact is, we will not know for sure until the next episode airs, whatever the conspiracy theorists say to the contrary.

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