Remember that weird Rick Grimes storyline? It could be happening again in Fear the Walking Dead

Daniel And Travis Fear The Walking Dead

Another character in the Walking Dead universe is hearing voices now.

This article contains spoilers for both Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead.

Of all the missteps The Walking Dead has made down the years, the one that saw Rick communicating with his dead wife Lori certainly ranks among the biggest.

It was not the examination of post-traumatic stress that was the issue; after all, anyone who has seen and done what Rick has is going to be affected by that. It was more the fact that the show’s most despised character hung around looking all spectral and nicely dressed long after her demise.

Thankfully that particular sub-plot ultimately ran its course, but now over on companion show Fear the Walking Dead, Daniel appears to be hearing voices of his own.

In what appeared to be a flash-back of sorts to his former life, Daniel heard a man telling him to pick up a gun as he prepared a zombie Reed for the hostage exchange.

It was a moment that jolted the viewer out of the scene but perhaps that was the point, with both Daniel and those watching him shocked by something so out of place.

Perhaps this has happened to him before, or perhaps his recent return to violent ways has stirred something in him that was previously dormant.

Whatever the case, we can only hope that Fear the Walking Dead continues what looks like being a significant plot point in a positive vein, strengthening Daniel as a character rather than feeling like something that comes from a different show – as it did too often with ghost Lori.