Fear the Walking Dead actress thinks she knows who Negan killed

Lucille The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season later this year.

This article contains spoilers for season six of The Walking Dead.

Everyone appears to have their theory regarding who Negan killed in the season six finale of The Walking Dead and Mercedes Mason is no different.

The actress, who plays Ofelia in the AMC behemoth’s sister show Fear the Walking Dead, has been speaking to comicbook.com about that final scene, and her opinion is shared by this writer for one.

While some feel Daryl will bite the proverbial bullet and others think it just has to be Glenn, Mason feels Abraham is the most likely candidate to feel the full force of Lucille.

“Maybe it’s Abraham,” she said. “They really sort of focused on him being the good guy and how helpful he is and they have a tendency to build a character up before they destroy them or kill them.

“Part of me thinks it had to be Abraham which I feel sorry about.”

While there are sensible theories regarding the fates of practically all the characters who found their fates in the hands of Negan, Abraham is certainly one of the few characters whose demise would make perfect sense given the teasers up until now.

He is a much loved character. His story arc developed considerably in recent episodes. The signposts for his demise were there for all to see. And let’s face it Negan would be crazy to leave such an obvious threat alive.

Abraham is also one of the few characters on The Walking Dead who would have “taken it like a champ” as Negan to artfully put it after that first blow to the skull.

Only time will tell what The Walking Dead producers have in store for season seven, but Mason for one feels Abraham could well be a goner…and many would tend to agree.

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