Former LA Lakers Byron Scott comments on D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young confrontation

Former LA Lakers coach knew the team would have problems.

Former LA Lakers coach Byron Scott has opened up on the bizarre situation which divided the locker room this past season.

Scott was sacked as coach this week, with the team looking to move in a new direction after a poor year, overshadowed by Kobe Bryant's retirement.

In the midst of the season, rookie D'Angelo Russell caused headlines by recording teammate Nick Young on video allegedly confessing to cheating on partner Izzy Agalea, and leaking it online.

The Guardian reported it as 'new low' for franchise, and Byron Scott has said he knew as soon as he found out about it, he was worried.

Speaking to the Rich Eisen Show, Byron Scott said: "I thought wow. I knew we were going to have problems, That's a kid that's made a mistake, but I knew we were going to have an issue in the locker room.

"I didn't call in either one of those guys first. I wanted to see how it played out, to see if D'Angelo would go to Nick, try to apologise or confront the situation, would Nick try and confront him. Would they solve the situation first?

"D'Angelo tried to confront Nick and apologise, Nick didn't want anything to do with him."

The Lakers are yet to appoint a new coach, but whoever the next man is, he surely will not have to deal with a situation quite as bizarre.

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