Negan's surprise victim in The Walking Dead? The truth behind latest casting reports

Eugene Walking Dead 1

Why fans of The Walking Dead should not read too much into the latest casting announcement for a rival show.

This article contains spoilers for season six of The Walking Dead.

Since the season six finale of The Walking Dead, talk has been rife as to who died at the hands of Negan, with the show’s producers opting for a much-maligned cliff-hanger to keep fans guessing right through until October.

The thing is, after that decision every new casting announcement is going to be greeted with the inevitable articles declaring the death of one character or another.

The latest came following the news that Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene in The Walking Dead, has been cast in the new season of Twin Peaks.

At first glance the announcement did seem to suggest everyone’s favourite mullet-rocking hero was for the chop on AMC’s juggernaut, but it is not quite as simple as that.

Yes, the full cast list for David Lynch’s revival may have only recently been announced, but principle shooting for the third season of Twin Peaks actually concluded in mid-April.

That would allow McDermitt to head back to his more familiar role and ensure those bemoaning his demise can put the proverbial tissues away…at least for now.

With the Twin Peaks reboot also having a cast of over 200, there is no telling at this stage how big McDermitt’s role actually is, so if it is little more than a guest appearance that is even more reason to suggest he will be ready to manufacture those bullets for the battles ahead.