NBA Trade Talk: Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler to LA Lakers

Could the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers pull off a huge trade?

A big trade could be in the works between two once great NBA franchises who are down on their luck.

The LA Lakers are interested in acquiring Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler, report Inquistr, and could part ways with a first round draft pick in return.

The Lakers recorded the worst record in the western conference this past season, while the Bulls missed out on the play-offs in the east by a single game.

Butler is a player they have tried to build a team around but it has failed to work, and cutting ties could work for all parties, giving the Lakers a big name for a team suddenly lacking star power after Kobe Bryant's retirement.

The Lakers are in the upcoming draft lottery, and how high they are drawn could influence their chances of convincing the Bulls to trade Butler.

Inquistr report the package could potentially involve the first round draft pick plus Jordan Clarkson.

Butler averaged 20.9 points per game last season, but just 5.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists.