Dickie Fitz, Newman Street, London

Dickie Fitz

Art Deco Australasian / fusion style, hits London

I was trying to catch up with a friend and the bar I planned to meet at had recently changed hands. Good if you want to try something new. Not so good if you’ve already sent out an invite detailing the bar’s previous incarnation. Most people would use common sense and assume the new bar at the same address is still the meeting place. Alas my friend is that bad combination of an out-of-towner (Surrey or similar) and a creative. Of course she couldn’t find it.

Which is a shame as the new bar cum restaurant, Dickie Fitz is a good combination of elegance and fun. Which is something that can’t be said for all brasseries. This may in part be down to its Australian heritage. Matt Robinson formerly of Bluebird, Skylon and Maze to name a few, has set his stall out around all things Pacific. So Asian influenced cocktails, an Australasian led wine list, and an old-school fusion menu brings delights.

Dickie Fitz Tim Tam Martini LR

I was there for a party so my food tasting was limited to canapés (albeit very good ones) but what I will say about the brassiere is that if you like Art Deco, you’ll love Dickie Fitz. The interior, complete with stunning stained glass stairway, marmoreal (marble like) bar, oversized windows, sunshine coloured sea shell chairs, and dandelion light fixtures, is gorgeous.

Set over two floors with 100 covers, Dickie Fitz is a good a place as any for all day dining, and meetings with a business or pleasure purpose. Or both.

I do need to return and try the food proper. I also need to make sure I do need to give the correct details to my friend. Even if I don’t. Let’s hope she uses common sense this time.

On a scale from * to *****

Schmoozing and boozing ****

Partying and networking ****

Serving and pouring ****

Dickie Fitz

48 Newman Street,LondonW1T1QQ