Last Shift (REVIEW)

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A scary supernatural thriller about a female police officer all alone in an empty police station. It's scary!

It’s the last shift, and pretty much the end of the road, for rookie Police Officer Jessica Loren in the new DVD release 'Last Shift.'

Loren (played by Juliana Harkavy from television’s The Walking Dead) has been assigned the last shift at a police station that is being shut down - and it’s the graveyard shift. When she arrives at ten p.m., she’s met by officer Ryan Price (Matt Doman) who tells her to expect a very quiet night - the only interruption he says that she should expect is by a company picking up needles and bio hazard waste products stored in one of the back rooms. And for some strange reason he tells her not to go back there at all. Once Officer Price leaves, all hell break loose. Loren starts receiving phone calls from a distressed young woman who says she’s being held hostage, but all calls were supposed to be automatically directed to the new police station. Loren then has to deal with a homeless man who has somehow broken into the station and who relieves himself in the lobby. Once Loren locks him up, she starts hearing strange noises, and seeing things that are not normal: blood, dead bodies, lights going on and off, visions of young women crying for help, and dead bodies hanging by ropes from the ceiling. But it’s up to Loren to decide that if what she’s seeing is real or just in her head. A phone call from her dead police officer father really messes with her mind. And Loren doesn’t know about the events that took place at that police station years ago - deaths that were extremely gruesome and so unimaginable - perhaps this is why the station is haunted? Or is it? Officer Loren is certainly not alone.

'Last Shift', billed as a supernatural horror film, is brought to us by Writer and Director Anthony DiBlasi ('Most Likely To Die'). It’s a dark film, very dark. And the scares and frights come at us right and left, up and down, and sideways. It all builds up to a very intense and unexpected ending (though the final scene in the film is a bit silly). At 85 minutes, 'Last Shift' is worth clocking in for.

‘Last Shift’ is now available on DVD and VOD.

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