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In conjunction with our partners, the National Autistic Society (NAS), BWC are proud to support families who have children with autism.

The aim is to raise awareness of this condition that affects around one in 100 people and the range of resources available.

Autism affects around 700,000 people in the UK. That’s more than 1% and if you include their families, autism touches the lives of almost one in 20 people in the UK. Over 70% of children with autism experience mental health problems, compared to just 10% of other children whilst 42% of children say they have no friends.

For a family, it can be a struggle to come to terms with the unusual behaviours of a child with autism. Prevalent struggles most parents face when trying to engage with their child are communication, social isolation and social skills, and so it is essential to understand the common behavioural difficulties.

There are several things you can do today to deal with your child’s challenging behaviour such as using new coping strategies and checking skills taught have not been forgotten. For example, rewarding and praising your child for spontaneous communication or using your child’s special interest to engage them. Or even being a teacher and helping them to realise what’s being said to them, as processing information can be demanding.

Once you are able to understand and deal with challenging behaviour, you can then start to better communicate and interact with your child.

The partnership with the National Autistic Society (NAS) enables the BWC to support parents and children on a range of issues, from understanding challenging behaviour, communicating and interacting, to strategies for intervention.

Real-life story

BWC helped Kim and her family who were struggling with the daily demands of looking after seven-year-old Alfie, who has autism. The charity were able to provide them with a treatment plan which helped improve the child’s behaviour, communication and the ability to deal with social situations, as well as funding an adapted play space and sensory room in the family home’s back garden.

Bank Workers Charity and the National Autistic Society

BWC work with the NAS, to support families who have children or families affected by autism. The aim is to raise awareness of this condition and how our partnership can provide you with a range of valuable benefits, including the use of the national autism helpline, comprehensive online information and support, and a workshop designed to provide practical advice and a subsequent plan for support. In addition, you would also have direct access to education and advocacy services, confidential telephone support line (run by parents), employment support and life membership of the NAS.

View BWC infographics on understanding challenging behaviour and communicating and interacting with your child which provides you with informative guides and detailed actionable advice so you can start making positive changes with your child today.

Contact the BWC, or visit the website for further details.


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