Lady in the Van - a movie that will warm the cockles of your heart

Lady In The Van Poster

If there is any justice, Maggie Smith will be awarded with her third Oscar for her magnificent performance in this film version of the Alan Bennett play Lady in the Van.

Smith first played the lead character - based on the real life Mary Shepherd - some years ago both in the theatre scene and on radio. This is the story of a spunky, somewhat cantankerous and highly intelligent woman living in a battered old Bedford van, which was parked in Bennet’s drive in Camden Town for 15 years.

This big screen version is both heart-warming and enjoyable, with flashes of exquisite pathos, as we watch one of the hoi pelloi encroach on the private domains of the well to do in 'better off' London.

The film has many comical scenes, but it is the authenticity of the characters which make this a great film. Alex Jennings, who plays Bennett, is perfect as the bewildered benefactor of the eccentric but very lovable Miss Sheppherd (Margaret Fairchild in the film).

Anyone who wants to witness great British entertainment, belly laughs and all, must see this film. 

Lady in the Van, a movie that will warm the cockles of your heart.