So, what do you do? Tinder to match users by job and education


Tinder has announced updates to its app in response to user requests, including the addition of job and education information to personal profiles, a cleaner messaging interface and an improved matching algorithm.

In a blog post, the company announced the introduction of so-called “smart profiles”. Job and education information will be pulled from a user’s Facebook profile, but is optional for the app and can be slightly edited.

Users will now also be able to see specific information that might link two users directly underneath a potential match’s profile picture – for instance, if they attended the same university.

same school
Users will now have guidance to specific facts linking two people. Photograph: Tinder

Tinder has also made its messaging system more orderly by splitting active, ongoing conversations from matches that are yet to converse. Matched people will be sorted into “new matches” and “messages”, as below.

Tinder is splitting active conversations and dormant matches into two groups. Photograph: Tinder

Finally, Tinder has also said its matching algorithm has been “enhanced”. Let’s hope this means that I’ll stop being shown profiles of men, despite setting my preference to women. Whether the new algorithm can stop one being shown people posing with lions or tigers or bottles of beer or cocktails, however, is unclear. One can only hope.

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