Graham Hunter was asked to compare Fernando Torres to David Villa in his prime, and his answer was fascinating to say the least.

While Liverpool fans will no doubt attest to Fernando Torres being Spain’s ultimate striker, on his day, there are plenty of Barcelona and Valencia fans that would put forward David Villa as a prime candidate.

And though the likes of Raul are also worthy of a mention in such a discussion, Spanish football expert and writer Graham Hunter was instead asked to compare Torres and Villa in a recent AMA session on Reddit.

The question was simple enough: when both players were in their prime, who was the superior striker?

For Torres, this prime would have undoubtedly been during his time with Liverpool, and most likely his debut season in 2007/08 when the Spaniard scored a sensational 33 goals in 46 games.

The Reds favourite also capped that campaign off with the winner for La Roja in the final of Euro 2008.

For Villa, meanwhile, that perfect season probably came during his first campaign with Barcelona, running from 2010 to 2011.

It was during that season that he managed 23 goals in 52 appearances, winning La Liga and scoring a decisive goal in the Catalans’ 3-1 victory over Manchester United in the final of the Champions League.

Yet while the numbers certainly stack up for either player, Hunter puts forward valid cases for both, describing it as an “oranges and apples” situation.

“Torres, in his prime, was not only hugely talented but physically unstoppable. More, he had a great knack of producing key goals all his life. A man for finals … But Villa was, perhaps, more complete and more of a natural finisher.

“Torres is one smart football man, real clear understanding of the sport. But I’m not sure how much he loves it now. Villa is a tough nut, dedicated to scoring and winning.”

Hunter offers a fascinating insight into both players and their particular skill set and style of play.

But which do you rank as the better striker in their prime? Comment below.

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