The Vatican Tapes (REVIEW)


A young woman is possessed by something evil but it's even more evil because it's so bad!

Is there a secret vault in the Vatican where an immense library of all demonic possessions exists? The new film The Vatican Tapes would like you to believe so.

We've seen quite a few demonic possession films in the past where one persons' behaviors change and they're body is then possessed by something evil; a devil, a spirit, which leads to lots of mayhem and vomit and spinning around. 'The Exorcist' created the template for these type of movies, and in The Vatican Tapes, it's the same story again.

Olivia Taylor Dudley is 27-year old Angela. She gets bitten by a raven and then suddenly starts to cause injury and in some cases death to anyone close to her. Her father Roger (Dougray Scott) is very concerned, watching his daughter morph from a very normal, healthy girl who spirals into a possessed unrecognizable devil. So local priest father Lozano (Michael Pena) is brought in to save Angela from the demons that have taken over her body, but neither he nor local psychologist Dr. Richards (Kathleen Robertson) can't help. So news of Angela's possession reaches the Vatican where Vatican Vicar Imani (Djimon Honsou) decides that this is a true possession case where The Vatican needs to be involved. So he sends Cardinal Bruun (Peter Anderson) to Angela's house to extract the demons that now possess Angela.

Of course, Cardinal Bruun has a tough time at it. And this is where The Vatican Tapes' plot follows the exact same premise as all the other possession movies: lots of Angela spinning around, throwing people from one side of the room to the other, Angela, with very red eyes vomiting and defacating all over - the true essence of someone who is possessed. We've seen this all before. There is simply nothing new in the plot to make 'The Vatican Tapes' worth a watch.

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