Video: Sonny Bill Williams produces the most heart warming moment of the Rugby World Cup

Williams is seriously tugging on our heart strings here... we definitely didn't shed a tear at this video.

We'll be honest, we probably didn't watch the Rugby World Cup quite as much as we should. But we definitely watched the final (not gloryhunters at all)... and on the edge of our seats.

I mean, who wouldn't want to see the best two teams in the world go up against each other for the world title? Naturally, it was a stunning game of rugby, with favourites and title holders New Zealand looking comfortable against their bitter rivals Australia. 

The Kiwis were able to retain their title in a brilliant 34-17 victory, leaving the All Blacks the first team ever to retain the Rugby World Cup.

While their performance on the pitch was brilliant, one moment off the pitch has taken all the headlines and truly warmed our hearts.

With the All Blacks doing a lap of honour, one young fan stormed onto the pitch to meet his heroes - but the youngster was shockingly tackled by a steward.

Now, one Sonny Bill Williams was having none of that and picked the young chap named Charlie up, had a little chat with him before directing him back to his seat and giving him his world cup winning medal! 

As you can imagine, the youngster was stunned and all his mates went a bit mental. Us at home? Well, our hearts melted and fell in love with the All Blacks and Sonny Bill Williams even more!