A document detailing the earnings of each and every player in Major League Soccer has been published

Steven Gerrard may earn more than former England teammate Frank Lampard, but he still lags behind another legend in Major League Soccer.

This revelation follows the publication of an official MLS document detailing the earnings of each and every player in the American soccer league.

According to the figures, Lampard’s base salary stands at $6 million (£3.9m), which puts him on a par with Michael Bradley at Toronto.

It also means he earns significantly more than Andrea Pirlo, though the former Juventus midfielder’s base salary of just over $2 million (£1.3m) may have more to do with the fact he joined the New York side in the latter stages of the season.

But the former Chelsea favourite is still behind Gerrard when it comes to the big earners, with the Liverpool icon taking home a base salary of $6.2 million (£4m) at LA Galaxy.

Both, however, are still lagging behind the current highest earner in the MLS – Brazilian playmaker Kaka of Orlando City.

The former Real Madrid and AC Milan ace takes home a guaranteed $6.6 million (£4.3m), with that figure rising to over $7 million (£4.6m) when including add-ons.

Elsewhere, David Villa and Sebastian Giovinco both take home a tidy sum of around $5.6 million (£3.7m) each while Obafemi Martins’ base salary stands at $2.4 million (£1.6m).

Liam Ridgewell takes home $1 million (£655k) a year – just in case you forgot he was still playing.

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