Video: If FIFA players gave press conferences they would be hilarious

Fifa 16

When things go wrong on FIFA, you need to go into a press conference and come up with some excuses

We've all been there on FIFA, you've got a great team, you've spent all your money on packs and you're willing to score the sweatiest goals possible... but you still lose.

You need to vent your anger and annoyance, but you can't break another controller and you definitely can't punch another hole in your wall, so what do you do?

Well, those guys over at The Greenfield Post have thought of an ingenious way to help you vent your anger and come up with loads of excuses as to why you just keep losing...

Do a press conference of course!

If FIFA players actually gave press conferences

If you're a EA SPORTS FIFA player, do you react like this after a loss?(Don't forget to give us a like >>> The Greenfield Post)

Posted by The Greenfield Post on Friday, September 11, 2015

Their parody press conference is brimming with loads of excuses, from sticky buttons, to the sun getting on the TV and girlfriends walking in front of the screen!

With FIFA 16 coming out really soon, we'll be sure to use all these excuses rather than get a bit better at FIFA; excuses are always easier... 

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