Former top flight striker Micky Quinn has explained what he feels West Ham have done well this season.

Former Newcastle striker Micky Quinn explained on talkSPORT what he feels West Ham United are very good at.

Quinn’s comments were made in relation to the two impressive away wins the Hammers have had this season in the matches against Arsenal and Liverpool.

He’s suggested that they were classic away performances where Slaven Bilic set up his side to take a lot of pressure before counter attacking as they went in search of a goal.

“That’s what West Ham are good at – They get an early goal, then sit back and pack their defence and make it difficult and then on the counter attack they’ll maybe get another one. That’s what they did against Arsenal and that’s what they did against Liverpool,” he told talkSPORT.

Consistency the key

The wins against Arsenal and Liverpool were without doubt superb and the side deserves a lot of credit for the way they played in those games.

However, the team has been inconsistent in their other matches, which has prevented the side from rising to a higher position in the Premier League.

Consistency across all competitions and against all teams is the key if the team have aspirations of being in a good position by the time of the move to the Olympic Stadium.

What Bilic can’t allow his players to do is become complacent in games they are expected to win on paper, because as Bournemouth showed, the current quality across the top flight is extremely high.

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