We’ve all tried it while playing Sunday League, and we’ve all failed at it!

Over the past few years, Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer has completely changed the model of what is expect from a goalkeeper – instead of just saving some shots, keepers are now expected to rush out and fill that playground ‘fly keeps’ role.


While Neuer makes it looks pretty simple, some keepers are still trying to get their head around coming off their line and rushing out. And we reckon this lad from Poland really needs to watch some more videos of Neuer rather than David James, because he’s a right nightmare.

Sergiusz Prusak decided to rush about 15 yards off his line to stop an oncoming attack from Lechia Gdańsk, but it didn’t quite go to plan for the shot stopper after he kind of forgot he wasn’t in his box.

Instead of using his feet – you know, like the laws of the game state – Prusak instead made a lovely save, albeit nowhere near his box. Prusak obviously received a red card but the face he pulls when he realises what he’s done to his side is absolutely hilarious! 

We want to see more of this from goalkeepers! 

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