Andreas Harto proposes to his girlfriend after sinking a birdie

We're a big fan of this, and we hope to see more of it!

The only time we've cried while on the course is because our handicap is terrible and our putting game is shoddy at best. But we reckon the reason why Andreas Harto got a bit misty eyed may well be the best thing to happen on a golf course for a long while. 

The Danish golfer was playing in the Made in Denmark tournament and managed to pull off a very impressive birdie on a par three, but it was what he did next that brought him to tears.

After making the putt, Harto motioned to his girlfriend to come on to the green, and then he got down on one knee and proposed to her! 

Speaking to the European Golf Tour, Harto revealed that he was already welling up as soon as the putt went in: "It was crazy, and I was almost crying when I hit the putt because I knew what was about to happen."

Well, this is all sorts of emotional! We'd love see more athletes propose while still playing - maybe we'll see Morgan Schneiderlin pop the question to his girlfriend at Old Trafford...