Tottenham fans debate Kyle Walker's role after Manchester United loss

The 25-year-old Tottenham Hotspur defender has been the subject of discussion among supporters.

Kyle Walker was the brunt of jokes last weekend as the Tottenham right-back sent the ball rolling into this own net at Old Trafford on Saturday afternoon. The action proved decisive as Manchester United beat the north London side 1-0 during their Premier League opener.

Many since, of course, have transferred the blame squarely onto Nabil Bentaleb's shoulders, with the midfielder erring while in possession in the build-up to the goal.

The overall reaction to Walker's performance on the HITC Sport pages, however, has been mixed.

Statistically, the 25-year-old was one of Tottenham's best players against Manchester United and, as stated, many feel the blame does not lie with him for United's goal - despite the fact he inadvertently scored it.

Many are still unhappy with Walker's form at Spurs to date, however, and their case is strengthened when you consider the effectiveness of Kieran Trippier's pre-season. Indeed, the former Burnley defender has impressed since joining up with the Tottenham squad and is clearly already adept to Premier League football.

Here's what Spurs supporters have been saying in the HITC comments section. Should Mauricio Pochettino stick with Walker or is it time to give Trippier a go in his stead?

Geoful wrote: 'Unfortunately the stats do not how that Walker was in the United half when the move broke down and was slow to realise what had happened and by the time he did realise and get in to his stride, the ball was already on the way to Rooney, he then arrived to late to do anything other than toe poke the ball into his own net!!!'

GoalsWithStyle (in reply to Geoful) wrote: 'Walker was actually in the correct position, as we had possession of the ball and were looking to go forward. You say he was slow to react, but he is at ground level looking across the entire width of the pitch (not looking down as we are), of course he won`t react instantly. And if he hadn`t made any form of contact with the ball, all Rooney had to do was pick his spot. Walker was in no way to blame for this, that rests fair and square on the shoulders of Bentaleb. COYS'

Richi Rich (in reply to GoalsWithStyle) wrote: 'What's Walker main job - TO DEFEND, not attack and if he was in a correct postition the ball would have never got to Rooney in the first place. The whole move for United goal was Bentaleb's fault but errors happen and our defence should always be in the correct postition. I've had enough of excuses and we all (Spurs fans) should stop praising players when there clearly not good enough! Trippier should have started the game as he is a far better defender and can deliver a good cross into the box and this is what Kane needs as our midfiled clearly lacks space.'

Peter London wrote: 'Ben Davies and Kyle Walker played well on Saturday. It is outrageous that Walker is linked to an own-goal when it was Bentaleb's goal. Walker raced across the top of my TV screen as he saw from where he was what was now in danger of happening as other Spurs players down-screen tried to block Mata (to whom Bentaleb had delivered a beautiful pass). Walker's concentration, speed and physicality was something to behold as he almost stopped the ageing, sweating Rooney ready to shoot. I'd like to hear from Bentaleb why he gave the ball away again and again in that match. Why the languid-looking performance, and particularly when someone as talented and able as Alli is now available for selection?'

My*do wrote: 'Should give a go on the right wing and drop trippier in behind him'

David (in reply to My*do) wrote: 'He really doesn't cross very well, don't think that would be the best idea. Think Yedlin with trippier would work better as an orthodox RB and RW pairing'

Lihle wrote: 'Walker does not have a big game temperemant and he commits a lot of errors in the big matches. He also does not give you anything going forward: once the ball gets to his feet, his mind freezes and he stops the flow of the game. He never produces a good cross and I don't know why Poch is patient with him because his errors cost the team goals. Please just play Trippier and lets judge him. I have had enough of Walker.'

Colspur wrote: 'In fact pochettino is to blame for his nonsense of a system. We are constantly causing our selfs problems. The one player who could have prevented that goal was Toby a. Dier even points and tells him to cover the space where Rooney ran into. Being the centre half he should have tracked Rooney. Instead he sprints out wide and leaves a gaping hole in the middle. Apart from that he had a good game. But he should not have left Rooney untracked'

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