Here are 11 of the more ridiculous cost cutting initiatives firms have been known to introduce.

1. Rationing toilet paper (can be rather uncomfortable monitoring that one) 

2. Holding the Christmas party in February (the venues are cheaper)

3. Instructing staff to cut down on color photocopying, and setting printers automatically to print on both sides of paper. Also, giving people a printer limit – so they can only print a certain number of sheets per day, regardless of business needs

4. Putting motion sensor lights on a timer which switches the lights off at a certain time – especially silly in financial markets, where staff are often expected to stay late to work, yet don’t get paid overtime

5. Making people share desks to maximize office floor space – can often negatively impact productivity

6. Withdrawing vending machines, and encouraging staff to bring in their own tea and coffee to work – think of the time lost in making hot drinks!

7. Buying cheap plastic water cups to save money – staff often taken two, putting one inside the other to prevent their hands getting burned 

8. Charging staff to park in the company car park, forcing them back onto public transport (and making them late more often than not)

9. Recalling company equipment (e.g. BlackBerry’s and laptops) – you don’t make money from selling second hand goods, but you do impact morale!

10. Encouraging staff to stay with relatives and friends when travelling on business – leaving employees stressed and irritable when they rock up for business meetings

11. Laying off loads of admin staff, then signing up a huge number of expensive temps to ensure that the work gets done

Source: The Economic Times, Slate, Socialmediatoday, Bargaineering