Sackville’s Beef and truffle bar and grill caters for the stars

Sackvilles Bar

Celebrity Mayfair restaurant for meat and truffle fans

Some places ooze A list. Sackville’s, a former tailors shop, now Mayfair restaurant specialising in truffles, top quality cuts of meat and luxury burgers, has celebrity written all over it. Judging by the crowd at the launch party – Donna Air, Alice Eve, Otis Ferry and my latest celebrity crush, Gemma Chan - Sackvilles is A list with a capital A. Of course in my world, the event with Gemma, Donna and friends took place on the 16th July. The ‘not quite B’ list event was one week later. Which I was invited to. Or not, as for some reason I ended up downstairs in the bar. My friend assured me that it was because of my A list need for privacy. Hmm.

Nevertheless if you’re going to have a pre-dinner cocktail Sackvilles basement bar is a great place to start. This is one good looking joint. Located in a former tailors shop and workshop, the design is apparently inspired by the understated luxury evoked through tailoring activity back in the 1960’s. Downstairs, industrial style lighting, banquettes covered in aged leather and walls adorned with sheets of brown paper that reference the tailors’ workspace, give the feel of sixties understatement. Helped by two very good looking mixologists (or barman in 1960s parlance) serving cocktails for grownups. My whisky based drink was strong enough to give you a requisite kick, but not at the expense of flavour. One for the Don Draper wannabes.

We both started with the truffle and mushrooms which was light, and tasty, and to my surprise, subtle in flavour. Possibly too much for my taste. There was no danger of the truffles overpowering the dish. At the waitress’s recommendation I tried the short rib. Rib is normally a cut I avoid, as it conjures up imagery of not-so-svelte Americans eating messy food with their hands. This however was cooked to rare, on-the-bone perfection with creamy mash and well seasoned spinach. It was gorgeous. I finished with a burger of a different kind – chocolate mousse sandwiched between two warm meringue buns. It was very rich, but not in any way saccharine – I wouldn’t like to think what MyFitnessPal made of the calorie count though.

I’ve since been advised by friends at the PR agency that it was a mix-up that resulted in me dining downstairs. To be honest, in this a cosy, stylish restaurant with fabulous drinks, good food and a gorgeous cocktail menu, it was hardly a hardship. And let’s face it – I’m not A list. But Sackville’s is.

From * to *****

Wining and dining ***1/2

Boozing and schmoozing ****

Romancing and flirting ****


8a Sackville Street, London W1S 3DF

Tel 0207 734 3623 or email

Twitter @sackvillesw1sackvillesw1

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