This is all sorts of amazing…

Football and art go together pretty damn well. In fact, I have a lovely picture of Philippe Albert doing a bicycle kick in my front room… you know, as you do! 

But it’s not a scratch on this amazing piece of work from a former rugby player who is paralysed from the neck down who has recreated a famous scene from Thierry Henry’s career. 

Henry Fraser was on the books at Saracens until an accident whilst on holiday in Portugal in 2009 left him with limited movement in his arms and legs. However, this did not stop Fraser from doing what he wants, and now the keen artist paints using his mouth!

And his latest piece of work is a stunning painting of Thierry Henry’s celebration after his equally amazing solo goal for Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspur back in 2002. 

Earlier this month, he showed his drawing of former England captain, David Beckham, again drawn by just using his mouth. 

— Henry Fraser (@henryfraser0) July 13, 2015

We can’t wait to see what Fraser gets up to next! Hopefully he’ll immortalise some more Premier League legends by just using his mouth.  

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